BlankMan - 2009-09-10

I had been using MediaTomb 0.11 for quite a while but downloaded and installed 0.12 to use it with my DirecTV HR20 DVR's. I have it working with them but now I cannot play music with my Yamaha RX-V3900 any more. It appears to be a transcoding issue, if I comment out the line

<transcode mimetype="audio/mpeg" using="vlcwav"/>

it works with the RX-V3900 but then doesn't work with the HR20's. The RX-V3900 can play wav's but not it seems if vlc is used to transcode them. I tried using the ffmpegaudio transcoder instead but then either were able to play any music.

Anyone know what's special about using vlc for the HR20's? I'm thinking whatever it does for the HR20's makes it incompatible with the RX-V3900.

Any ideas on how to get it working with both would be greatly appreciated. And I've got a D-Link DSM-520 coming tomorrow so we'll see what happens with it.