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Ei Kukaan
  • Ei Kukaan

    Ei Kukaan - 2010-05-05


    YouTube seems to be a great feature. Unfortunately I'm still stuck with 0.12.0, so haven't been able to try. But it occured to me that as YouTube currently is serving flash, which frequently needs to be converted, how about tapping to the YT HTML5 side and get h.264 directly? That would be directly streamable to most players - including the picky PS3 (that I have also). Or do you still need to throw it into some container like mp4?

    Another thing that came to mind… the channels are a bit too generic. Providing a search function, would probably be a bit too hard, but what if you would enable one to define search terms inside the XML. I could, for example, specify to my kids a channel with "Lego star wars". That would be much more usefull than the current top or whatever.

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-05-05

    I do not want to sound rude, but my answer to this is: RTFM ;)

    YouTube is already serving mp4 files that are playable without transcoding, you can specify that you want mp4 and not flv via the config.xml

    You can define any search string you want in the config.xml in the YouTube section, in your case it would be:

    <search query="Lego star wars"/>

    Basically, everything that is supported by the YouTube API is provided as an option to the config.xml, the only exception is private content, because I did not implement user login yet.

  • Ei Kukaan

    Ei Kukaan - 2010-05-05

    I have not seen a manual ;-)
    (I might actually read it…)

    Ok, I got the wrong understanding from some tutorial that was telling to enable that flv for youtube. So, sorry about that. I'm still hoping that my distro will soon release the 0.12.1… :-(

    Thanks for the answer!


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