Odd Behaviour: PS3, Speedtouch 585

G Davis
  • G Davis

    G Davis - 2008-01-31

    I've experienced some odd behaviour with my setup; i thought i should post about it in case anyone else has a similar setup/problem.

    My home network runs off an alcatel speedtouch 585 adsl modem/router. My gentoo/mediatomb is using a wired connection. This box exists to serve content to a ps3. However, when the playstation is connected wirelessly, it *always* fails to find the media server, despite being on the same subnet and all machines being able to see/ping each other happily. Switching the ps3 to a wired connection immediately succeeds.

    If the mediatomb box had wifi i would test connecting both it and ps3 wirelessly, however i suspect that the router has problems with upnp over wifi for some reason?

    Anyway, i can live with a wired connection so it's no problem, but produced some head scratching for a while.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-02-01

      I heard an odd story where someone hat do reset his router and then it started to work (was a different brand/model though). Maybe the router loses too many UDP packets, or does not let them through? UPnP discovery is done via the SSDP protocol that uses UDP multicast...

      Kind regards,


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