Best Hardware Client for Mediatomb

  • j_s

    j_s - 2008-01-16


    i'm going to buy a streaming client to watch the videos on my tv. Which one do you recommend? Music would be nice but it's not that important. Which one supports the most codecs and works best with mediatomb?

    thanks for your help,

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-01-16

      That's really a difficult question - mainly because there is so much crap out there on the market.

      I guess this question goes out to everyone here and I would also be interested to hear your experiences.

      From my knowledge:
      I would keep away from the D-Link DSM320 (which is anyway old by now), I do have a DSM510 at home which seems to be quite OK, however it has audio sync problems with .avi files that have a variable bitrate soundtrack. I do not like how it does the upscaling, but if you have high quality content it's quite good.

      I know some users who have the Telegent TG100 unit (you can buy those for about 75EUR on ebay in Germany), firmware seems to be buggy but it is working; can't say anything about picture quality.

      I heard that *if* the PS3 plays something, then it does so quite nicely, however it still has problems with various divx movies and it's even worse with xvid, it's also a very difficult device in terms of compatibility - I would not buy it if you are only interested in the media center functionality.

      I would also stay away from the Streamium devices, the first generation (sl300i/sl400i/mx6000i) was very nice in terms of UPnP compatibility, however they are simply too slow for today's content and can not even play the full D1 profile or anything with a higher bitrate. The new Streamium units supposedly have more power, but some users were complaining about stability and issues with the firmware, so I probably would stay away from the newer ones as well.

      I have no experience with the Siemens AV Gigaset (or some similar name, can't remember), also not sure about the Netgear products (allthough I remember that one user was extremely frustrated with the UI).

      DMA1000 from Zyxel also comes to mind, basically works with some quirks but seems to have a couple of bugs in the firmware as well.

      So overall - no matter what you take, something will always be messy on the device side and often there's nothing one could do about it (well, except maybe - returning the device ;)

      I can only suggest that you try a device before buying, see how you like the UI, pay attention to the playback quality and the supported codecs, and also make sure that the spec clearly says that UPnP and/or DLNA is supported.

      Good luck, and let me know what choice you made :)

      Kind regards,


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