Adding Javascript to MediaTomb on Ubuntu 14.04

  • ArchAngel714

    ArchAngel714 - 2014-06-11

    I am attempting to rebuild the MediaTomb version 0.12.1-5ubuntu2 with javascript added in. However I am getting a “dpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/mediatomb_0.12.1-5ubuntu2.diff.GbqfBo”
    dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -b mediatomb-0.12.1 gave error exit status 2

    my build process is as follows...
    1.) sudo mkdir ~/temp_files/
    2.) cd ~/temp_files/
    3.) sudo apt-get build-dep mediatomb
    4.) sudo apt-get source mediatomb
    5.) sudo nano mediatomb-0.12.1/debian/rules
    6.) change --disable-libjs to --enable-libjs
    7.) Save and exit nano
    8.) sudo wget
    9.) sudo wget
    10.) sudo dpkg -i libmozjs2d_1.9.1.16-20_amd64.deb
    11.) sudo dpkg -i libmozjs-dev_1.9.1.16-20_amd64.deb
    12.) cd mediatomb-0.12.1/
    13.) sudo ./configure
    14.) sudo su
    15.) sudo dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

    That when the error above appears. I am still somewhat new to Unbuntu/Linux and am not sure what is going on. Thought it might be because I never updated the changelog (which I did not have to do on a previous build for an earlier Ubuntu). Sadly updating the changelog does not seem to remove the errors.

    The /tmp/mediatomb_0.12.1-5ubuntu2.diff.GbqfBo is confusing to me. The top area looks like the same change log located in the changelog for mediatomb.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Barry

    Barry - 2014-06-21

    Did you get this fixed yet?
    The file is generated because of the change you made to the rules. I believe you need to apply the patch that's been created to the configure file, if I recall.

    $>dpkg-source --commit

    then you'll get asked to give a file name for the patch. Apply the patch with

    $>patch -1 < PATH/mediatomb-0.12.1/debian/patches/file_name

    Post if that works.


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