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MediaTomb for Windows! (service supported!)

  • Adam S. Kirschner

    Hi Everyone -

    I decided to compile MediaTomb's latest stable release (0.11.0) as a static EXE for Windows! I have tested this and it works on my 3 test machines: 
        1) Vista Business 32-Bit
        2) Server 2003 Standard 32-Bit
        3) Server 2008 Standard 64-Bit
    You can download the installer here:
    The binaries were built onm the Vista Business 32-Bit with Cygwin. Here are some of the bigger configurations I had to make for it to work:
      A) A registry key a HKLM\Software\Cygnus Software\Cygwin\mount v2\/tmp must point to a temp directory
      B) The cygwin1.dll must be in the same directory as the mediatomb.exe
      C) The default port is 50000.
    The config file that comes by default is mine that I use with changes to the paths. I haven't tried transcoding yet and I doubt these binaries will work with that but I do plan on trying to get all the funcionallity to work.

    I have also created a windows service with this thing as well. The installer installs the service but it does not actually start it. You can start it by typing in "net start mediatomb" in run/command prompt, or you can start it in services.

    This service is a .NET 2.0 Windows Service. So you must have the .NET 2.0 Framework installed. If you don't you'll need to install it from here:

    Also note that I will be create a 64-bit version of this binary as well once I get everything finalized, however the 32-bit did work perfectly fine on my Server 2008 64-bit.

    Please test this and let me know if anyone has any problems with it.

    Note this is my first release where I've done something like this, so please, be kind :-)

    Lastly, this is more a note to developers who have tried this before. I know you're out there and I know some of you have been attempting this and may have even made your own release, however when I search, nothing came up so if you are interested in helping out, reach out to me.


    • Marc Hodel

      Marc Hodel - 2009-02-22

      Nice! Win2000 is also working. Currently there are no Problems with "Soundbridge Homemusic" as client.

    • Peter Gun

      Peter Gun - 2009-09-05

      Thanks, this is perfectly working. Any chance that you could to another static build with the "JS" option working, so that own import scripts could work?

  • Ricky Huckle

    Ricky Huckle - 2009-12-30

    Hi I was wondering if i was able to obtain ur source so i can compile it under vista and cygwin as i can not get ur install to work, the service starts ok but no web interface on default port, ive opened the port in my router and on windows firewall and added the mediatomb.exe and mediatomb-service.exe to the firewall on vista to allow and still nothing

    once again nice work and i would like the source as im pretty good with development and also would like to help and compile under my system as then i will know if it works, i do have uac on and .NET 4 also installed i think as well as all previous .NET versions. and also visual studio 2008 professional so i have no problems with developemtn or running any other apps.


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