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  • jason

    jason - 2005-11-10

    I want to try the latest 0.8.1 mediatomb. But I have some questions because I want to try something in mediatomb:

    1. how to add a new media file into the database storage
    2. how to remove a existed media file from the database storage
    3. how to update(or refresh) a existed media file info in the database storage

    from the programmer viewpoint, I mean.

    Thanks ahead

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-11-10

      I would like Gena to answer this question in detail - he wrote the whole storage/database interface, he will reply as soon as he can.

      For now I can point you to content_manager.h - this module provides the interface for removing and adding data.
      You can also find some examples in the src/web directory - since it is possible to add and remove items via the web interface you will find the neccessary code there.

      I assume you want to get a go at an automatic rescan feature? :) We have some thoughts about it and plan to implement it for the next release, but of course you can hack something if you do not want to wait :)

      I'll trigger Gena, he is quite busy lately but I hope he will find some time to come back to you.

      Kind regards,

      • jason

        jason - 2005-11-10

        Thanks for your reply

        I just want some functions like:


        So It will be very easy to manage the file database, I think.


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