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Tim Dodge
  • Tim Dodge

    Tim Dodge - 2008-07-25


    I've just been looking at the svn version and have managed to get SopCast channels to play on my PS3.

    I had to set the SOPCAST_AUXDATA_GROUP property in scripting/ so that my import script would sort the channels into groups and set a transcoding profile, but it all seems to be working smoothly now.

    Just in time to watch some pre-season friendlies, Thanks!

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-07-25

      Uhm.. :) Actually I did not finish the feature yet... the idea is that I will call the sopcast client from within MT, however it seems that I need to add some hooks, so we start serving the stream only after we know that the client has made connection.

      Can you paste me a diff of what you had to add in ? Since the feature is not yet fully finished it is possible that I forgot something.

      Anyway, nice that you were able to make use of it already :)

    • Tim Dodge

      Tim Dodge - 2008-07-26

      Sure, it was a fairly simple change:

      diff -Naur mediatomb.orig/src/scripting/ mediatomb/src/scripting/
      --- mediatomb.orig/src/scripting/      2008-07-25 21:10:03.537907000 +0100
      +++ mediatomb/src/scripting/   2008-07-25 21:52:13.898954651 +0100
      @@ -49,6 +49,11 @@
           #include "youtube_content_handler.h"

      +#ifdef SOPCAST
      +    #include "sopcast_service.h"
      +    #include "sopcast_content_handler.h"
      using namespace zmm;

      @@ -331,6 +336,10 @@
      #ifdef SOPCAST
           setIntProperty(glob, _("ONLINE_SERVICE_SOPCAST"), (int)OS_SopCast);
      +    setProperty(glob, _("SOPCAST_AUXDATA_GROUP"),
      +            _(SOPCAST_AUXDATA_GROUP));
      +    setProperty(glob, _("SOPCAST_AUXDATA_LANGUAGE"),
      +            _(SOPCAST_AUXDATA_LANGUAGE));
           setIntProperty(glob, _("ONLINE_SERVICE_NONE"), 0);

      I also noticed in the sopcast documentation that if the stream is "realmedia" (their mimetype "rm"), that the location URL ends with "/tv.rm" rather than "/tv.asf", so maybe you need to make a change to for that?



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