dlna support

  • Mayak QWERN

    Mayak QWERN - 2009-07-25

    hi jin, hi all,

    i was wondering if anyone has thought about trying to patch mediatomb using some of minidlna's source code to get mediatomb to properly announce content to dlna devices.

    i've got a sony bravia tv with an ethernet port and i am feeding it content through minidlna without any problems, however, minidlna pales in comparison with mediatomb's rich feature set. transcoding most notably ...

    i'd be willing to sponsor a bounty for such work ...



    • Attila

      Attila - 2009-08-06

      That might be a DLNA 1.5 issue...

  • Jin

    Jin - 2009-12-03

    We kind of planned to add DLNA support, but I can't say when and if this will happen. I have a very hard time finding a motivation to do it, but I guess at some point I will have to have a go at this since more and more new devices refuse to function with the plain UPnP standard.


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