PS3: elephant dream 1080p, PS3 trailer 720p

  • recalcati

    recalcati - 2009-01-06

    Elephant dream

    I get the message "data broken" with elephant dream avi file.

    recalcati@recalcati-laptop:~/Videos$ mplayer -v ed_hd.avi
    ======= AVI Header =======
    us/frame: 41667  (fps=24.000)
    max bytes/sec: 0
    padding: 0
    MainAVIHeader.dwFlags: (272) HAS_INDEX IS_INTERLEAVED
    frames  total: 39   initial: 0
    streams: 2
    Suggested BufferSize: 0
    Size:  1920 x 1080

    I try to see this movie directly on PS3 using a dvd, but I see anyway broken data.
    so I play from dvd in my Sony Vaio AW11 XU/Q (that is FullHD with display FullHD)
    and it works ...

    So it is PS3 problem.

    PS3 trailer

    I copy the 720p trailers from PS3 to PC.
    I stream using mediatomb.
    They work but too slow.
    What can I do?


    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-01-11

      If the trailers play fine on the PS3 from the internal, but are not fluent from MediaTomb: are you using a wifi or a wired connection?

      Kind regards,

      • recalcati

        recalcati - 2009-01-11

        yes, I tried with wifi.
        I should try, when I have time, with wired connection.
        But 12Mbps could be a problem for the streaming player process?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-01-11

      Wifi is quite unreliable... for instance, if you have neighbours who also run a wifi network, maybe even run it on the channel that you are using - you will get worse results.

      I think it would work over a wired connection, so I would try this first...


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