static 0.12 svn build?

  • James Ahlborn

    James Ahlborn - 2010-01-01

    any chance the developers could periodically put up a static build of the latest code?  according to several posts i've read, the trunk is supposed to be fairly stable.  i tried checking out and creating my own static build, but at the end of it all, it wouldn't really run (the web ui came up broken, couldn't get it to be usable).

    also, a guide to creating a static build might be nice.  i managed to piece together a working configure command line after installing a bunch of dev packages.  obviously, the end result didn't work though.  but even after i got a build to finish i didn't know how to package it all up into a tar similar to the current static build (which files, how to arrange them).  i ended up kind of piecemeal replacing the 0.11 static build i was using…

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-01-01

    Well, I gave my old setup a try and it did not work anymore for various reasons. I'd have to sit down and create a new setup for static builds, but that will take a little while. Of course when 0.12 gets out we will anyway have to do it, but right now major focus is to finally get 0.12 released.

    I was using OpenEmbedded for my static builds, once I create a new working setup I could also write and post a guide.

  • James Ahlborn

    James Ahlborn - 2010-01-02

    Well, seeing as you are trying to push out a 0.12 release soon, wouldn't now be a great time to start making static builds available?  the database seems to be compatible between the 0.11 and 0.12 releases, so it would be pretty easy for most people to drop a 0.12 build on top of their 0.11 install and give it a try.  would probably give you a wider test base for the 0.12 release candidate.

    (and yes, i realize the self interest inherent in my comment :) )

    barring that, any chance you could give a quick run down of your current static build env?

  • James Ahlborn

    James Ahlborn - 2010-01-02

    (enough details that someone with general knowledge of building software on linux could fill in the details on their own…)


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