Logging/Tracing facility in MediaTomb

  • arjan ten hoopen

    First of all, I really like MediaTomb and enjoy using it ... however. Sometimes I just struggle with it. It seems to do things I do not expect or cannot understand.
    An example: when mediatomb boots it processes one given playlist (Leonie.m3u) but then in the UI under playlist the playlist is gone. All other playslists are there (i'm on linux and I use the inotify scanmode)

    I solve it by recreating the playlist (and then the problem is gone, but sometimes I have to do it 2 or 3 times before the problem is gone). So far so good, but it would be much better (I think) if there was a logging facility which actually tells me whats going on.

    Another problem, sometimes I'm able to create playlists where one or more tracks do not exist (anymore). Mediatomb just doesn't show me the playlist ..but it also doesn't give me any feedback why ... :-( I allow mediatomb (and anybody else) to call me "dummy" but please tell me why :-)

    Looking at the log I think the basics are there (INFO: JS: ERROR:) but it would be great if it was used extensively within the application and that I as a user could set the level to my specific needs. In that case many users can solve the problem themselves.

    Any feedback appreciated, and YES you can call me a dummy .. but do tell why!!


    Arjan ten Hoopen

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-02-18


      well.. you are absolutely right: that's something that we failed to do - switch verbosity level at runtime.

      Currently, the only thing I can suggest would be to recompile with the --enable-tombdebug which will print a lot of output, so there might be an indication on what is really happening. Adding the runtime verbosity switch will probably not happen for upcoming release, but we'll see that we have it for the next.

      Also, if you can reproduce a particular problem - please tell us the steps, it is possible that you found a bug or some case which we did not think about (this could also explain why there is no meaningful message).

      Kind regards,

    • arjan ten hoopen


      Thanks for your reply. I'm not compiling mediatomb by myself I'll use the packages created by others, so I do not consider that as an option.
      The only thing I would like to get achieved is that it comes on the priority list. Not needed for the upcoming release but soon there after.

      I think I achieved that!!

      Keep on going the good work.



    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-02-18

      I'm still interested in the problems you reported though :)

      Can you reproduce them and post the steps so I could check what is going wrong?

    • arjan ten hoopen

      If encounter problems I'll let you know.




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