Stefan Olsson - 2011-06-09


Is mediatomb able to generate RTP/RTCP/RTSP streams ?

The usecase scenario is to stream the same content that I see on my TV on my intranet to my mobile phone/laptop when I am elsewhere.

The best scenario would be that mediatomb could generate a (simple) HTML page with the content presented in
the same way as the content is presented to a UPnP DMR, that is, in some tree structure.

The links to the contents have RTP tags etc.

The only thing the mediatomb users have to do is
switch this on in the mediatomb config file,
open some 3 ports in the router to the mediatomb machine,
use any RTP enabled mobile phone (just counting mobile phones it would be a  couple billion devices),
surf to the mediatomb "web url",
select the desired content and it would be streamed it.

Most likley there is a need to have the ability to transcode the stream aswell, not everyone have a large screen and paid some couple 1000 euros for a 2 year locked subscription with unlimited surf.

If you have an Android mobile phone you could for example use the client/server solution from qualcom called Skifta,
but not everyone have a Android phone.

If mediatomb have this ability it will support all types mobile phones and laptops.