Album artwork?

  • Dave

    Dave - 2007-06-13

    How does one associate artwork with an album?  Albums appear with a rectangular icon when served by MediaTomb, yet the album artwork appears when served by Windows Media Player?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-06-13


      currently MediaTomb does not support album art. Typically the artwork image can be part of id3 tags (embedded in mp3 files) or could be fetched from CDDB.

      Please add a feature request in the tracker, if you would like to have this :>


    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-06-15

      Hmm... well, I implemented it according to the UPnP spec, also checked how other server do it, so from the UPnP point of view it's surely OK. However, it has been tested with the PS3 and reported as not working.

      I looked at the WMP11 XML and could not find any reference to album art there, so I wonder how it works for you?

      So sorry, I don't know what else we could do, I follow the UPnP spec and I could not find out anything by looking at the WMP11 XML..


    • Dave

      Dave - 2007-06-16

      I'm sorry to have put you through the wringer.  I though I had noticed a difference in the folder icons between the Windows server and MediaTomb and concluded that you were supplying the graphics.  On re-examination, I see the PS3 is using the same graphics for both.  [Before, I thought I saw just empty rectangles, now I'm seeing music notes, or film strips, or whatever based on media type.]

      If you can you point me at a particular section of the UPnP spec that covers this, I'll go bitch at Sony for not supporting the standard.

      As a curiosity, has your tester tried to do a slide show on an album folder with the new code?  Hitting the triangle button on the PS3 on an album folder brings up a menu that will cycle images.  I'm wondering if this will make use of your new album image support...

      Once again, I apologize for the extra work.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-06-16

      nothing to apologize for - there are other renderers out there that do support album art, so this feature will be eventually useful to someone :)

      As for the spec, take a look at ContentDirectory1.0.pdf (sorry can't give you a link, I downloaded it some time ago and am a little lazy to find it online again :) You'll get it from, look at the MediaServer and MediaRenderer specs, then ContentDirectory... on page 74 you will see a brief description on albumArtURI.

      • Stig Petter

        Stig Petter - 2007-10-19

        The PS3 does indeed support albumArtURI, but it is picky about the XML and you need to add "extended" information for it to even consider downloading the album art.

        I have played around with the MediaTomb code and verified that PS3 supports the JPEG_TN (max 160x160) profile for albumArtURI (I have not tried any of the other mime types), but it did not display art when I tried with JPEG_SM (max 640x480). It would however display an image larger than 160x160 (i.e. 600x600 as iTunes likes to add), but MT should of course not lie about an image's profile.

        I have added some crude code for selecting the image profile based on what the renderer supports and also transcoding/scaling to that profile if needed. The code is not ready for "release", but I will be happy to send a snapshot to the development team if you want it.

        "What the renderer supports" is at the moment hard-coded (one of the many TODOs), but it would be great if you could add "profiles" to support different renderers. I have at least tried to make my changes support such profiles if they become available.

        Anyway, the magic is to add the following to the albumArtURI:

        dlna:profileID="JPEG_TN" xmlns:dlna="urn:schemas-dlnaorg:metadata-1-0/"

        Where profileID should be set to the best matching profile supported by the renderer.

    • xman1

      xman1 - 2007-07-06

      My DSM-520 seems to be pulling album art just find with both taglib and id3lib from MP3's.

      Now can someone direct me on how to add album art to an ogg Vorbis file?  I know the format supports album art in multiple different formats, but I have no idea on how to embed it.  Here is some info on the subject from the Vorbis site, so I know it should work:


    • YuChung Wang

      YuChung Wang - 2007-07-27

      DSM520 support album art for only MP3/WMA/AAC. There is no support for vorbis yet.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-07-27

      does that mean that the DSM520 extracts the album art from the media file itself and does not use the information that it receives from the server?

      I implemented album art in MediaTomb, so we provide the URI in the XML (as described in the ContentDirectory specification), I know  taglib can handle vorbis metadata, not sure about album art extraction though. So far I tested it with MP3 files.

      • Joe Wreschnig

        Joe Wreschnig - 2007-08-06

        The normal way to "add" album art to a Vorbis file is to put an image file in the same directory with "folder", "cover", or "jacket" somewhere in the name. It would be nice if MediaTomb could find these files for MP3 and Vorbis files, since that's how most of my album art is stored.

        I don't think there is a standard way to multiplex album art into the Ogg stream directly.

    • YuChung Wang

      YuChung Wang - 2007-07-28

      DSM520 do both. If the information is provided by the media server, it will use it. Otherwise. it will extract it from the content directory.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-08-07

      Uhm.. can you point me to some sort of spec or documentation regarding this? This seems somewhat odd to me, especially - what if you have several files that have those keywords in their names? If this is somehow specced by Vorbis I will add this feature, I'd like to do it properly though.

    • Anonymous - 2007-09-22

      Embedding images in MP3/OGG files is fine for associating artwork with a track, but what about with the entire album?

      For instance, I use XBMC - I can have it display a list of all my albums, with artwork next to each one.  When it's using local media it looks for a 'folder.jpg' file in the album directory.  However, when I'm using MediaTomb, it doesn't (can't) diplay anything.  I think with UPnP it should be possible to include a reference to artwork when returning an album list (I believe that TwonkyMedia does this).  So it's just a matter of where MediaTomb would get the album art from...  It seems like looking for folder.jpg is popular, though I agree that it's pretty clumsy.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-09-22

      It is indeed possible to include the album art uri for the whole container, but as you correctly noticed - the difficulty is in associating a particular folder with the image, this folder.jpg solution is one possibility, but surely not very nice. Another possibility would be, to try and get the album art from the internet. If the ogg/mp3 files are properly tagged it should be possible to find the appropriate cover art.

      Right now we are busy with transcoding and online services, so I will not be able to look at it in the very near future; but I'll keep this in mind, so we can hopefully offer an improvement here.

      • MIchael T. Babcock

        It would definitely be interesting to take a look at code from a project like Amarok or its ilk to auto-fetch and cache album art on demand, but perhaps something configurable in the XML for folder.jpg type solutions would be a good first step?

          <import hidden-files="no">
              <album_art src="folder.jpg" />
              <album_art src="cover.jpg" />
            <!-- ... -->

        Just a thought.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-10-19

      We will add full DLNA support once we implement our own UPnP stack. With libupnp it is not possible to allow "per device" settings, also some changes in architecture would be required to add DLNA in a meaningfull way. So far I only hacked in some minum things so the PS3 plays content, that's it.

      I would not want to hack in even more stuff, so I believe it would be better to wait till we do it the proper way.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-12-14 the end I still hacked in the above XML line for album art, so it should hopefully work for the PS3 now as well :>

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-12-19

      The idea is indeed not bad, I'll see what we can do about this, thanks.


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