Philips 37PFL9603

  • Eugeny Kuzakov

    Eugeny Kuzakov - 2008-12-22

    Hi, guys!

       I have the TV, which contains Vaio VGP-MR100U dlna client inside.
       This device is supported by TVersity. The only problem is -- bad sound in case of HDTV 1080p .mkv files.
      I try to configure mediatomb to work with my TV.
      Probably somebody did that already?:)

      I use transcode script to bring mpeg2 to th TV with partially success.

    Thank you!

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-12-26

      Sorry, I am not familiar with this device, I guess you'd have to find out what codecs it can play and come up wit the transcoding settings that work best for you...

      You did not really say what the "partial success" was, or why it was only "partial" and what was causing problems, so it's difficult for me to say anything :)

      Kind regards,


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