#11 link a PICTURE to the Media Information


Hello Team

How about having the option to import a PICTURE (taken
with a camera for example) of the MEDIA.

In this way the user does not have to read the
information about the MEDIA, it can see the image of
how the case or label of the CD looks like and search
easier for the MEDIA.

Let me know what you think


  • Marc Dutoo

    Marc Dutoo - 2005-03-18

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    Good idea, if not new.

    This would allow to set and display the CD cover of mp3'd
    CDs for example. Even more : since a mp3'd CD may be a mere
    zipfile, we would have to go beyond this and allow pictures
    for any kind of file.

    Implementation : this is a topic similar to what the
    Decorations framework of the ML data model does. The only
    additional point is the ability to display binary metadata
    (base64 encoded etc.) as an image in the GUI. On that
    subject, storing images in an XML file, even base64 encoded,
    is not the best of all practices. This would be way cleaner
    in a full fledged database system, as the one implemented by
    the beta version of MediaLibrary 2 core (Hibernate + hsqldb).

    One point I do not agree on is the usefulness of this image
    for search. How could an image be used as a search criterium
    ?? Granted, an image may allow to discern between a handful
    of media, but this handful must have been selectioned
    before, for example by a search using other cirteria.

    This would therefore would make MediaLibrary closer to DVD &
    CD library software. It would not be a bad thing, but there
    would be a bunch of other things to do at the same time to
    achieve this new goal (freedb connection to retrieve mp3info
    and even CD covers etc.)

    Conclusion :
    * interesting feature
    * easier to pull off with the MediaLibrary 2 engine
    * as always, available manpower is the prime factor -_- but
    who knows )

  • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

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    What I meant by the "see the image of the case...and search
    easier for the media"...is the PHYSICAL search of the media,
    finding the CD on the software maybe easy, but the actual
    MEDIA may be lost, under a pile of books or was lend to


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