no Bitrate in AAC MKV - Handbrake

  • Zodler

    Zodler - 2012-12-03

    I have discovered this bug and was able to pinpoint the source after weeks. When using Handbrake 0.9.8 if using AAC to encode the audio, the resulted MKV files don't show their audio/video bitrate in mediainfo.

    If you use MP4 as container they do show up in mediainfo. If you use MKV and use AC3/DTS passthrough, you also see the bitrates.

    Container: MKV   -    Audio Encode: AAC   -    Result: No audio or video bitrate in mediainfo  <------ ERROR
    Container: MKV   -    Audio Encode: AC3/DTS passtrough   -     Result: audio and video bitrate shows in mediainfo
    Container: MP4   -     Audio Encode: AAC    -    Result: audio and video bitrate shows in mediainfo

    • sereshk

      sereshk - 2013-05-30

      I can confirm this, same thing here, Handbrake version 0.9.8, Windows 7 32 bit. Encoding to h264, mkv-container, aac-audio. Any help or suggestions?
      Thanks in advance.

  • Zodler

    Zodler - 2012-12-03

    More info.

    This happens with AAC and MP3 audio.
    It does NOT happen with ogg vorbis or AC3/DTS audio.


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