Preferences window shown on every startup.

  • Adrian Topp
    Adrian Topp


    I'm running Mediainfo v0.7.62 on Windows 7 Home Ultimate x64.

    I recently performed a fresh install, placing my user folders onto a separate drive from windows:


    When ever I start Mediainfo, I get presented with the Preferences window, no matter what I change, the prefs are not saved.

    Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


  • The user folder is not involved in the prefs file. Current method is ugly, I save a file in the install folder, and Windows 7 forbids that, so it saves the new file somewhere in a virtual folder.

    In any case, showing the prefs screen at every startup is a bug, definitely, so open a bug ticket please.
    In the meanwhile, a workaround would be to install MediaInfo is another folder than C:\Program files (e.g. D:\Windows\Users(YourName), I think MediAInfo iwll be able to write its config file.