Get complex chapterlist and detect chapter file.

  • smarq

    smarq - 2013-03-28

    Is there any way to get or check chapters file location in matroska format? (sometime few chapters in clips are just link into other file by the "ChapterSegmentUID")
    Normally Mediainfo show only poor chapterlist (there is no chaptertimeend and locaion)

    00:00:00.000 : en:Prologue / :Ending
    00:02:43.038 : en:Opening
    00:04:12.999 : en:Episode
    00:23:54.974 : :Preview

    Currently I use mkvToolNix to get chapterlist in .xml format with if much better and contain that I need (chaptertimestart, chaptertimeend, ChapterSegmentUID (unique UID of each .MKV)) but i want to omit extract files for getting them.
    I write little script to get all parametr with using mediainfo.dll and I do not find any parametr that say me is any chapter are in external files. Also tryed many version dll's and still nothing.

    Mainly i need to check only are all chapter non-exernal files.
    Is it even possible with mediainfo??

  • Jerome Martinez

    Jerome Martinez - 2013-03-29

    Mediainfo is definitely poor with Matroska chapterlists, I (the main developer) did not yet focus on such comple files and nobody did.

    Currently, information about external files is only possible with MXF and MOV. I was not aware that Matrsoka is able to link to external files.

    Please open a feature request ticket with sample files + an example of what you expect


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