Explorer Status bar information on Windows 8 x64

  • shmizan

    shmizan - 2012-12-30

    I have switched to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, and have taken my beloved MediaInfo with me.
    however, I can't find the option to show Media information inside the Explorer status bar, like I used to on Windows 7 64-bit.
    is this a known issue? or should I enable some setting?
    thanks. :)

  • Jerome Martinez

    Jerome Martinez - 2012-12-31

    my beloved MediaInfo


    For the issue: I use MediaInfo 0.7.61 with Windows 8 pro and I have the "infotip". I have nothing in the "status bar" in either Windows 7 or Windows 8. So I don't really understand the issue you have with Windows 8.

    Last edit: Jerome Martinez 2012-12-31
  • shmizan

    shmizan - 2013-02-23

    truly sorry for the long time it took me to reply.
    I had to recover the Windows 7 image to grab screenshots.
    here it is:

    at first, because of your comment, I thought I might have remembered it wrong, but I didn't :)

  • Jerome Martinez

    Jerome Martinez - 2013-02-24

    Actually, I don't know how you get this behavior.
    The expected behavior, for both Win7 and Win8, is the one you can see in hte attached screenshot (both Win7 and Win8 are 64-bit)

  • shmizan

    shmizan - 2013-02-24

    haha, awesome!
    well I get the tooltips too, no problem (actually a little problem as I first have to show a tooltip of a different file or it will not show the mkv details).
    the status bar information was an addition.
    and it was awesome. just clicking at a file generates the most needed information at the status bar.
    would you like me to pull some registery keys so you could see how\why this is happening?
    it might be a feature you'd like to add :D

  • Maria Steyn

    Maria Steyn - 2014-09-09

    WINDOWS 7 x86 - SP1 - Hi all - my beloved MediaInfo 0.7.64 started playing up and was no longer displaying the one-line info in my Explorer Status Bar - see above post. So I thought I'd d/l and install 0.7.70. After two attemtps it installed OK BUT - I do have Tooltips, I do have the basis/sheet/text etc. BUT I do NOT have my one-line info in my Explorer Status Bar back.

    It looked exactly like http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/9671 and is very helpful when you have many open windows as it is nicely visible below all open windows as a bottom line when hovering over the current file.

    Is there a way to bring this back up? Or should I revert and downgrade to an older version perhaps?

    Looking forward to your suggestions


    Last edit: Maria Steyn 2014-09-09
  • Maria Steyn

    Maria Steyn - 2014-09-09

    WINDOWS 8.0 x64 - the one line - info line in Explorer's Status Bar was never visible in my Windows 8 installation - it WAS long time in my WINDOWS 7 SP1 machine, see above post - any way to incorporate this in both W7 again and W8?

    It is an excellent tool when you have multiple windows open, just peeping out on the bottom of the screen.

    See previous posts and screenshot example http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/9671

    Looking forward to your response


    Last edit: Maria Steyn 2014-09-09

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