#793 RATE vs RTNG atoms in mp4 audio/video tags

Nazih Hawi

Up to version 0.7.60 (maybe higher, but I tested to 0.7.60), mediainfo doesn't map the "rate" atom in mp4/m4a (aac audio) to a field name or description, and displays atom's data content as is (i.e. rate = 13 displays as rate: 13).
Starting with version 0.7.64 (maybe lower, but I tested 0.7.64), mediainfo maps "rate" atom to "Rating" field name and analyzes its content and displays "clean" or "explicit". This is wrong, as it is confusing the "rate" atom with the "rtng" atom.

The "rate" atom should map to Rating where rating is a popularity or favorability value (in the same light as Winamp's rating from 1 to 5, and id3v2's "popm" frame from 1 to 255). The "rate" atom should have a numeric value between 1 and 100, and mediainfo should display this value as is, or map it to a 1-5 "stars" mode.

The "rtng" atom is the one responsible for the lyrics advisory rating (i.e. 2 = clean, 4 = explicit). As a suggestion, it should be "translated" or mapped to "Advisory Rating", or "Parental Advisory", or even just "Advisory".

For the sake of completion, I'll also mention - though unrelated to the issue at hand - the non-standard but defacto usage (check AtomicParsley v0.9.6) of "iTunEXTC" through the reverse dns domain for "content rating", i.e. "PG", "PG13", etc...

So in conclusion, to sum it up:
"rate" = Popularity Rating or just Rating (should not be 'clean' or 'explicit', but rather a number between 1 and 100).
"rtng" = Lyrics Advisory Rating or just Advisory (this should be either 2 = 'clean' or 4 = 'explicit').
"iTunEXTC" = Content Rating (non-standard field that displays 'PG', 'NC-17', etc...).

Hope this will be fixed soon.
Thank you.


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