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MEDDAC / News: Recent posts

Meddac invites Intel AMD Microsoft and others to sponsorship

Project Meddac today invited the major players in the computer industry to discuss potential sponsorships of existing projects and future projects.

Meddac is an extremely ambitious project aimed at finalising Generation N Hardware & Software in the United States.

Meddac has invited Dr. Wirth of Intel to discuss the impact of such architecture in future software development. Additionally, Meddac is seeking correspondence with top designers and developers of both hardware and software at various university research centers. Included in the list are Moore School [University of Pennsylvania], M.I.T., and others. Professors and students are invited.... read more

Posted by GinEric 2005-04-03

Moore School of Electrical Engineering invitation

Professors and students from the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Electrical Engineering are invited participate in any discussion and the development of Generation N Computer Design Architecture.

Similarly, an invitation is extended to Electrical Engineering Professors and students at M.I.T.

Consideration will be given to any other institution or organization interested in the goals of Meddac.... read more

Posted by GinEric 2005-03-07

MEDDAC project begin

MEDDAC has begun and Generation-N is about to become real.

Gen-N Software and Gen-N Harware is now one project away from becoming a reality.

Anyone and everyone is invited to look this project over. Whether you're a newbie in Computers, or a world reknowned Doctor of Letters in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, with a thesis project, this project applies to you.

Computers are about to evolve.... read more

Posted by GinEric 2004-12-29