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2007/Mar/05 Source code released

Source code of 2007/Mar/05 version uploaded

It was compiled in
WindowsXP OS
VC 6.0
wxWidgest 2.6.2
Boost 1.33.1

Might Windows Platform SDK installed, because building need psapi.h & psapi.lib


Posted by Yeti 2007-03-05

2006_12_30 BugFix

After one year of development work, the major features of MEConsole have been stable.

Thanks everyone for feedback, suggestions!
Happy new year!!
so let's patch it...a bug fix version file name is released

Some minor bugs have been fixed.
In general, I will release bugfix version again, if there no new features added


Posted by Yeti 2006-12-30 - Update

- Support change background color
The default text color will be the opposite, i.e bg_color is (0,0,0) txt_color is (~0,~0,~0)
The background color can be saved.
- Improve full screen display size
- Support rename tab

Fix Bug
- 1505734


Posted by Yeti 2006-10-31 - Update

- Optimize runtime speed
- Support mouse wheel to scroll term buffer
- Support cammond line option, user can specify multiple connections from command line
i.e MEConsole.exe shell://cmd telnet://host:port ssh://host:port

- Display user name when login

- Support change buffer size of term


Posted by Yeti 2006-08-23 Release - Improvment on 3.2

- Block selection from screen. (Alt + Mouse Left Button)
- Add config saving ability, currently only font change is work.
Select Menu Config->Save Config
- Add resize term buffer lines, minimum buffer lines is limit to 500.
- Add fullscreen mode. (Alt +Enter) enable/disable
- Enhance the splitter window to keep relative size after resizing main window.
- Add new hot key usage:
> Since fullscreen mode, enable popup menu(ctrl + mouse right click) in term, it is same as the popup menu which is poped from tab.
> Ctrl + Tab iterate all tabs.
> Ctrl + F1...F12 directly index tab.
- Press "Shift"/"Ctrl"/"Alt" key will not cause term scroll to bottom now
- Bug fix
1505739 select text after double click title bar
1520296 first connection in servers.xml file doesn't work
1505734 Only can connect SSH server by port 22... read more

Posted by Yeti 2006-07-14

3.2 Release - New enhanced Windows Console(cmd.exe

Major changes:
- Use new solution for multiple cmd.exe session.
The vim, Mingw bash shell, TCL shell, etc.. can be correctly launched in MEConsole cmd mode now. Please see attached screenshot.
- shell://cmd
- shell://C:\dir\name\tclsh.exe
- shell://C:\dir\name\msys\bin\sh.exe
Minor changes:
- Fix a bug of scroll terminal
- Move manual text from toolbar into menu->Help->Manual.
- Change Scrollbar width from 10 to 12 pixel

Posted by Yeti 2006-06-08

3.0 Release - SSH connection enabled

Download URL:

Major Change:
- Support SSH connection
- Add a new local shell connection
> Basic idea
On MSWin platform, the tool will invoke cmd.exe as the background process.
Try to enable multi cmd.exe session, and inherit all existing features from MEConsole

> Usage:
User can access this feature by typing shell://cmd in the address box, or by selecting new "Shell" option in the "New Connection" dialog(see attached screenshot).... read more

Posted by Yeti 2006-05-09

2.0 Release - Enable multiple sub terms in one screen!

screen shot

Download URL:
- Major change:
Support multi tabs
Support multi telnet sessions in one tab
Fix many bugs...

- Hotkeys Usage:
Shift + Left/Right: Switch tab
Control + Up/Down/Left/Right: Switch telnet in one tab
Shift + PageUp/PageDown : Scroll half screen of one telnet... read more

Posted by Yeti 2006-04-17

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