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FAQ and modules

The home page now has a section FAQ, where I will put all questions that arise. I filled it with those questions that I remembered.

And I announce the first module "omld", which is an import from Open Media Lending Database. It is designed for those that want to migrate from OMLD to MeCat.

If you are looking for an import from another application, then you are more than welcome to submit a feature request.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2007-03-06

New Release: MeCat version 1.4.5

A new version of MeCat meets the world. The installers are uploaded and the homepage has been updated.

The version number of MeCat now shows up in the about dialog.
Some bugs in the filelist-explorer have been removed and the filelist-explorer is now accessible in the view mode.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2007-03-01

New Release: MeCat version 1.4.4

A new version of MeCat meets the world. After I adapted the web page to the new version, MeCat 1.4.4 is now officially released. New in version 1.4.4 is the module handling. Modules can be defined in a *.mecat.module file. The first module for importing data from open media lending database will be released soon.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2007-01-30

New Release: MeCat version 1.4.3

A new version of MeCat meets the world. The highlight of version 1.4.3 is the startup progress bar.
Furthermore, the search dialog has been improved.
I've improved the release for debian and I made an installer for OpenSuse.
With this new installer, there are now installers for the linux distributions Gentoo, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse, Debian and naturally for Windows.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2007-01-06

New Release: MeCat version 1.4.2

Here is a little x-mas present for all MeCat users out there.
A new version of MeCat.

MeCat has some improvements in the area of usability.
The location of the catalog is shown in the title bar.
The selection in the new catalog dialog can be done with a double click.

A new feature "translations" has been added to the type book, allowing to store information about translators of a book.

And a few bugs have been fixed too.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-12-23

New Release: MeCat version 1.4.1

Another version of MeCat meets the world.

MeCat has two new convenience functions. The first one is a redesign of the old search function, making it easier to use. The second one is the undo functionality that allows to undo one or more steps. The types Movie, Dvd and Vhs have been extended with a list of roles. Old functionality has been improved (e.g. the list of songs of a cd is displayed shorter, but shows more information). As always, there have been minor improvements in the usability, like a star in the title bar which indicates whether the catalog has been modified. The Windows installer has been improved; the installer now checks whether a Java Runtime Environment is available and helps installing one if there is none.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-12-10

Update installation guide

The installation guide on the MeCat homepage now links to files of the current version 1.3.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-09-26

New Release 1.3

Another version of MeCat meets the world. It took me less time than the previous release, but that does not mean MeCat hasn't improved a lot. A new search function, extending the existing filters, allows fast finding of entries. An import function allows to combine multiple MeCat catalogs into one.

The already-known entry types dvd, vhs, cd and hardware have been improved; the use of their existing features is more comfortable, and some new features have been added.
A few new entry types have emerged: CD-Rom, DVD-Rom and Virtual-Rom. Their main purpose is to archive file-lists of backups and similar; with those file-lists one can search an archive without actually handling the CD-Roms or DVDs. They are still young, but are going to be improved over the next versions.... read more

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-09-26


The homepage now contains a short installation guide for the languages English and German.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-04-12

New Release 1.2

As of yesterday a new version of MeCat is available. It took me some time, but here it is. There are a lot of new features, but there is one in particular I want to mention. MeCat now is able to switch between editing mode and view mode, Where the view mode allows compact view of the stored information and the editing mode offers enough room to put each information in its place.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-04-12


CVS-Version now has a splash-screen.

Posted by Stephan R. Palm 2006-01-02

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