Nic Plum

Custom add-in (MDG technology) for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool to create architecture descriptions using TRAK http://sf.net/projects/trak

- the set of TRAK views that can be represented using UML. Each view display a custom toolbox palette with the objects and relationships that are needed for that TRAK view
- relationships can be made directly from the objects on a view using the Quicklink feature which presents the allowed relationship(s) by TRAK between the pair of objects selected
- a custom set of searches. When run these will list objects of a particular type (e.g. all Systems, all Enterprise Goals), potential quality problems (e.g. diagrams and objects without any description, objects not linked to any other), things of interest (e.g. open, closed concerns) and view-like results e.g. all structural relationships in the solution
- scripts to generate views
- model views to list objects meeting search criteria

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Contains template architecture description structure
Screenshot thumbnail
Example TRAK view showing objects and interactions
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Predefined Views to Help Manage the TRAK Repository
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Right-clicking brings up list of allowed relationships
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Searches (and scripts) provide List Views and Output for CSV
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TRAK-specific views available from within EA New Diagram



A wiki providing help is at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/mdgfortrak/index.php.

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