MDD crash and driver question

  • JimmyW

    JimmyW - 2008-12-31

    I'm trying out MDD 1.3 and have encountered a couple of problems.  It operates fine on an XP 32, SP3 box with 3GB RAM.  When I run it on an XP 64, SP2, 8GB RAM box, it completes about 35% and then my system crashes and reboots. 

    I've tried to run it on a Vista 64 8GB RAM box, but have run into the driver signing issue, which is described in the notes.  I've tried booting Vista 64 through F8 to allow unsigned drivers, to no avail.  There seems to be a driver development kit available, but I'm unsure of how to proceed to bypass or sign the driver.  Thanks.

    • JimmyW

      JimmyW - 2009-01-01

      Well, I guess that's my fault.  4GB is max.  I'm also trying in an XP64 SP1 VM with 1GB RAM, but I get the following:

      ERROR: StartService failed (2001)
      WARNING: Failed to stop driver, ControlService, 1062
      ERROR: Failed to open PhysicalMemory section!


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