Vista Basic Problem

  • gl33da

    gl33da - 2008-06-17

    Hi, I am running this on a Thinkpad laptop running Vista Basic.  I am getting the following errors:

    -> ERROR OpenSCManager failed, 5
    -> ERROR: Failed to open PhysicalMemory section!

    I was wondering if anyone else is getting this?

    Thanks, Jamie

    • Ben Stotts

      Ben Stotts - 2008-06-18

      I am trying to recreate your error in virtual machines.  As soon as I am able to recreate it I will be able to help.  Do you know if you are using version 1.1?  The md5 of version 1.1 is 40067260474da0833e3e35507ea95597...

    • gl33da

      gl33da - 2008-06-20

      Sorry for the delay.  It was the wrong version.  Thanks for your help!


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