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    • Ken Pryor

      Ken Pryor - 2008-06-16

      When I try to use the currently available version, it will not run.  The OS returns the message "The System Cannot Execute the Specified Program".  This is on an XP Pro SP3 machine.  I've tried it on three different SP3 machines, all with the same result.

      Really glad you're working on this software.  Should be an excellent resource for everyone doing forensics and incident response.

    • Ken Pryor

      Ken Pryor - 2008-06-17

      Version 1.1 seems to work perfectly for me.  Thanks!

      • Ben Stotts

        Ben Stotts - 2008-06-17

        We changed the executable from a debug version to a release version.  I think that was the major problem.  I appreciate your post!  Anytime there are problems please let me know :-)


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