Kevin - 2005-08-22

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We finally got mdbTools installed we think correctly. We
had to manually create .so files for the library files and
drivers. The install did not create them.

I am having trouble getting the ODBC driver to work. It
appears that mdbTools doesn't work with an Access 2002
database. When I attempt to open it with either the
mdbTools utilities or the odbc driver it won't open
correctly. With mdb-tables, for instance, it doesn't show
the correct table. It shows 2 temporary tables but it
doesn't show the actual table that is in the database. With
the odbc driver trying to open it with isql it just crashes
and doesn't open it at all.

If I save the database in Access 97 format and then try to
open it with mdbtools, mdb-tables does show the correct
table and the odbc driver will open it using isql. Hoever,
my java program is still unable to open the odbc connection
and get data. I get a null pointer exception when it tries
to open the database with the odbc driver.

Has anyone gotten this to work?