incorrect negative values with mdb-export

  • elfunesto

    elfunesto - 2009-07-29

    I try to export an access 2003 database to mysql using mdbtools under ubuntu 9.04. I compiled the mdbtools sources from cvs. mdb-export seems to work, except some numerical values which are improperly converted. In my case the field in access is Numeric with precision = 28 and scale =6 and for example the value 3375.000000 in access is converted in -000000000000000000919.967296. The error only occurs for some specific values (an other example 2770.000000 gives -000000000000000001524.967296). Does anybody know where my problem comes from?
    Thank you by advance.

    • Martin Moeller

      Martin Moeller - 2009-08-21

      I don't know what is causing it, but I have the same issue. It seems very strange indeed.
      It occurs with both 32-bit and 64-bit distributions. It's really too bad because otherwise I could pretty much do what I wanted via MDB<->MySQL import at this point... I hope someone can fix it.


      • elfunesto

        elfunesto - 2009-08-24

        It hope it will be corrected because this problem is really annoying and it is the only problem that prevents me from using mdbtools in a larger extent.
        Excluding this bug, mdbtools is a really good tool and work like a charm!


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