Ale - 2008-01-31

I have a problem...
I install unixODBC on RedHat distributions with MDBTools for MSAccess but i have a problem with it.
When i start DataManager and try to expand the MSAccess Data Source i have an error: "Failed TO SQLTables".
While start DataManagerII and try to expand the source i have an error:
"SQLTables failed, rc=-1
[1] SQLSTATE:08001 SQLCODE: 1 [unixODBC]: Couldn't parse SQL"

Then with isql command i connect to MSAccess source but then i try to launch a sql query (example: select * from table), appear an infinite and same result of the query (appear the same result (one row) infinite times and i can exit to program with crtl+c).

Can you help me??