Offset is beyond EOF

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this great suite of programs. I've however the small following problem:

    I try to export a table and always get the following error (?) or notice (?):

    offset 2106159104 is beyond EOF

    When comparing the two datasets, I remark that 7 records are missing.

    Any clue?

    Thanks a lot in advance


    • Scott Munday
      Scott Munday

      I get this problem as well. 

      On my Ubuntu system, I do not have this problem. I installed from a software management system.

      On my FreeBSD machine, it shows this error. I installed from the latest source.

      So far I cannot tell what the exact issue is, but I am hunching there is something with the current version of the suite of tools. I'm interested in what others have found in this manner, and if it has a patch or is being worked out in the current version.