mdbtools on Mac OS 10.4.1

Rob Potts
  • Rob Potts

    Rob Potts - 2005-06-20

    In case anyone is trying to compile and run mdbtools on Mac OS X I've managed to do it.  I had to download and install the following:


    I download each of the respective sources for each of these and followed the installation instructions.

    So far I've tested mdb-ver, mdb-sql, and mdb-schema.

    I was thinking about creating an Cocoa front end the GUI tools, but not quite sure where to start because I'm not a c/c++ programmer.  Is it just a matter of including the libmdb library in my project and making calls to the APIs?

    • Bernhard Snizek

      Bernhard Snizek - 2005-08-12

      Strange, does not work here ... how did you build the mentioned libs with ./configure make make install ?


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