#14 Shuffled columns from Jet4


mdbtools seem to occasionally shuffle the columns in a
Jet4 (Access2002) database around so that the content
does not fit with the column headings.

Say, the columns are:


exported from Access to Access97-format, mdbtools gets
it right:


while the same entry from the Access2002 database is
seen by
mdbtools as:


Looks like column three has jumped to the last position.

mdb-schema seems to have the same problem, since it
reports the third column as Double (8), which is not
compatible with the correct value "Kernstadt".

If I copy the offending table into a new database,
mdbtools exports it correctly, so I am not able to
include a test case.

Yours, Florian Hars (hars@bik-gmbh.de)


  • Daniel Austin

    Daniel Austin - 2003-04-09

    Logged In: YES

    I was having the same problem. At Brian Bruns's suggestion I
    tried compacting the database (avail from the Access Tools
    menu). This actually fixed the problem.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    simular fault within a larger table with serveral column names
    containing spaces, boolean field, and larger char fields. mdb-
    sql returned results from column X when query for column Y.
    This is mighty dangerous as it may cause leakage of private

    describe table also showed incorrect field types against their
    names. upon shift the field name orders in access and saving,
    mdb would show the shift in names, but not in field types.
    these two problems may be related.

  • Alexandre Horst

    Alexandre Horst - 2004-07-28

    Logged In: YES

    I have the same problem. If you create a Table with 4
    columns with Text, inserted some data and removed 2 columns,
    you will see the data shuffled in gmdb.

  • Luciano Miguel Wolf

    Logged In: YES

    I posted a patch that corrects this in Jet4 databases.


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