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Version 3.2

This morning I've released version 3.2 of the md5deep/hashdeep suite. I've finally got around to adding the comma separated value mode (CSV) that people have been asking for. There are also some important bug fixes regarding large files on Win32 and hashdeep errors on filenames that contain commas.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2009-01-25

Version 3.0 is out

I have released version 3.0 of the md5deep project, which now includes hashdeep. Hashdeep is a program for conducting audits, or an examination of everything in a directory, not just the files for which the user has known hashes. This can help users identify files that don't belong but have appeared in a directory. The program also supports mulitihashing, or using multiple hashing algorithms when conducting such an exam. Enjoy!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2008-05-10

Moved to Subversion

I have moved the current source code to a Subversion Repository here on SourceForge. See for instructions on how to access it.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2008-02-23

Hashdeep Development Started

I've started working on hashdeep, the program described in Feature Request #1821699 "Multihashing Support" [1]. The code is being checked in to CVS, but is widely unstable for now. In fact, as I type this the program doesn't even compile. The hard part is generalizing the code in md5deep for reuse without breaking any of the md5deep functionality. I'm hoping to publish a beta of hashdeep by the middle of January.... read more

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-12-06

md5deep: Version 2.0.1 Released

Computes the MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, Tiger, or Whirlpool message digest for any number of files while optionally recursively digging through the directory structure. Can also match input files against lists of known hashes in a variety of formats.

I've published version 2.0.1 to fix a compilation bug on older Linux systems. The new code required a newer kernel to work; this version is backwards compatible. Users on Windows and other operating systems will not see any differences between this release and version 2.0. ... read more

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-10-31

Version 2.0 RELEASED

After lots of testing, the final version 2.0 of md5deep is ready! The final changelog is below:

** Changes in version 2.0 (15 Oct 2007)

* New Features

Using GNU Autotools for configuration and compilation. This
should help avoid platform specific issues such as SHA-1
problems previously found on 64-bit versions of AIX.

Added support for files with Unicode characters in their
filenames on Microsoft Windows.... read more

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-10-15

Version 2.0 RC1 posted

I've posted the first release candidate for md5deep version 2.0. If no problems are found in this version, it will become the official release on 15 Oct 2007. See the project homepage, to download and try it out!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-09-27

Version 2.0 beta 1 released

The first beta of version 2.0 is out! You can check out all of the new features (and the splefty new web page) at


Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-09-22

Updating CVS

While updating to version 2.0 I am making an effort
to start using the project CVS server again. You can get a bleeding edge version of the code from

There is some documentation on CVS and SourceForge at

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-09-07

Version 1.13 Released

Version 1.13 of md5deep has been released. This version contains a bug fix that can prevent crashes on Windows machines. All users should upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-08-06

Version 1.12 Released

Version 1.12 has been released and adds several new features:

- piecewise hashing. This breaks each input into arbitrary sized chunks before hashing. The chunk size is specified on the command line using the -p flag and a multiplier if desired (i.e. b,k,m,g,t,p or e.)
- Added support to use md5deep output files with sizes (-z mode) in the matching modes.
- Fixed SHA-1 on 64-bit platforms
- Several smaller bug fixes... read more

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2006-04-03

All users should upgrade to version 1.10

Version 1.9.3. of tigerdeep contains a critical error that generated Tiger hashes in big endian format instead of little endian. Although a minor bug, all hashes generated by tigerdeep prior to version 1.10 should be discarded.

All users are urged to upgrade to version 1.10 immediately even if they do not use Tiger hashes currently.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2006-02-02

Critical Error in Tigerdeep

There is a critical error in Tigerdeep that causes it to print hashes in big endian format instead of little endian like MD5 and SHA-1. I am working on a patch now and should have it online soon.

For more, please see:
Sourceforge bug report:

My LiveJournal post:

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2006-02-01

Cygwin now a supported platform

By request, Cygwin is once again a supported platform. I will be posting Cygwin binaries with each new release starting with the most recent, version 1.9.3.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2006-01-10

Version 1.9.3 released

Version 1.9.3 has been released. Although not a critical release, it does fix some logical errors regarding the expert mode and adds the new quiet mode. Enjoy!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2006-01-05

All users should upgrade to v1.9.2

All users to upgrade to md5deep version 1.9.2 as soon as possible. Not only will you benefit from a number of important bug fixes, but it will also fix two silly mistakes in versions 1.9 and 1.9.1. Neither problem affects the forensic integrity of the tools, but can be annoying!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2005-11-16