compare 2 or more know hash set files

  • HisterY


    since now I am using hashdeep with the option -x or -m to find differences or equals in combination with recursion, which of course takes its time.
    But sometimes I do have already verified hashed folders, which I would like to compare with each other and I know they have not been touch sinced they have been hashed.

    if now I would use -x or -m to compare a know hash set file against the other folder hashdeep would start to compare hashing all files in the other folder.
    How can I, and what is the commandline options, just compare the two files to each other?

    I tried the following without success: hashdeep64.exe -x -k .\log1.txt -k .\log2.txt

    I assume I have to use another tool or a scripting to compare the two files, but I would love to see hashdeep to be able to output the matching or not-matching on its own.

    Any advise welcome

  • Hi,

    I stumbled on this use case too. Basically, I want to make hashes of known files:

    hashdeep -r known_dir > known_hashes

    and then make hashes of new files:

    hashdeep -r new_dir > new_hashes

    Then I would like to see if any of the new files are known:

    hashdeep -k known_hashes -??? new_hashes

    Is there any feature to do that?

    Thank you