#5 MC doesn't show files and directories

Dmitry KX

Just installed mcwin32-build181-setup.exe. MC doesn't show any file (see attach). Windows 7 32 bit.

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  • adamy

    adamy - 2013-10-08

    Unfortunately i dont currently have access to a 32bit installation of Windows7,
    shall investigate options; under Windows 7/64 functions correctly.

  • Andy Jewell

    Andy Jewell - 2014-01-09

    I have the same issue using:

    OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

    Not sure if the alt-key is supposed to select the menu keys but I need to use F9 to get the pull downs. Also, there is about a one or two second delay when selecting menu options enough so that if I hit the pulldn and then move across the top menus, e.g., the right arrow every "one mississipi, two mississippi" then by the time I get to four mississippi I can count up to four mississippi again before the cursor has caught up.

    Let me know if I can provide any information for this ticket. It looks great, wished it worked!

  • adamy

    adamy - 2014-01-10

    Disabled directory wow interface, pls retest, thx

  • Dmitry KX

    Dmitry KX - 2014-01-10

    Now I see files and directories, thanks

  • Andy Jewell

    Andy Jewell - 2014-01-10

    Sweet, works for me, thank you! Menus are snappy as well, lag time noted above is not there.

    On a sidenote - is there any way other than the F9 to pull down the menus?

  • adamy

    adamy - 2015-03-16


  • adamy

    adamy - 2015-03-16
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