MC portable needed

  • john wolter

    john wolter - 2014-07-27

    MC portable is a good idea. Recently one of my laptops crashed and took several days of rebuilding to get it working. MC played a role in getting it going again by using's really nice LINUX based utility package. It's available as a USB|CD|DVD|harddrive partition|PXE|Windows file as bootable drive. This is not Windows.

    I'm using's Windows portable support program and other portable apps directly. I was able to copy my important data and portable programs directly to the temporary laptop in about 45 minutes. It took a few minutes to make adjustments to application's configuration as I used them going forward after the transfer.

    That made the point to me that portable and cross-platform applications are the way to go. Every time I get an application's upgrade notice, I now look to replace it with it's portable twin.

    While does not have every aspect of the portable-idea covered yet I think it is good enough. A new version is coming very soon.

    When developers post update and version upgrades the portableapps program notifies users It's time for production of a MC portable and if possible using

    As a side benefit portableapps as of now, is trending more visible. It makes it easy for users to install, maintain, and share with friends.

    John S Wolter

  • adamy

    adamy - 2014-08-08

    Thanks, shall research

  • Ethan Piliavin

    Ethan Piliavin - 2016-07-22

    For those looking, I found a really old version that is portable, available here:

    I also attached the file to this post just in case.


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