Use on Apache and RedHat?

  • Jason Gerfen

    Jason Gerfen - 2003-11-17

    I have compiled the latest libmcrypt and mcrypt application for use on a RedHat 9 box running Apache 2 with PHP 4 support.  As of yet I have not be able to get the two to interact, Any pointers on how to get this configured would be helpful! (still kinda new to using your libraries.)


    • Sander

      Sander - 2003-11-17

      Can you be more specific in your problem. Do you mean you can't use crypt with php?

      I got things up and running so i might give you some advise but i really need to know more about the point where thing go wrong.


      • Jason Gerfen

        Jason Gerfen - 2003-11-19

        Oh, sorry... First things first my system config.
        RedHat Linux 9
        Apache 2.0
        PHP 4

        I went through the setup for the libmcrypt (all latest downloads from this site)


        I have tried moving the files into my PHP extension directory and editing the php.ini to reflect changes, I have also created a libmcrypt.ini file (which php sees, when doing a phpinfo()) pointing to the file.  However when trying to use any of the mcrypt functions in php I get nothing.  I am assuming I might need to recompile php with the --libmcrypt, but I am trying to use that as a last resort (still fairly new with linux).  If I need to re-compile php do you know of some instructional URL's where I might be able to accomplish this?  thanks again,

        • Sander

          Sander - 2003-11-19

          You have to re-compile php in order to get the crypt functions included in PHP. If you have ever compiled PHP before it is quit easy to recompile it again but with the option -with-mcrypt

          If you never compiled PHP before you have to look for some instructions how to do this, because you have to compile it with all the options your current installation runs. If you are a complete newby you might want to use this document. It describes some handsone method to install both the apache software as PHP, but don't forget to add the --with-mcrypt option while configuring PHP.

          If you are still having problems or need more support feel free to contact me.


    • Jason Gerfen

      Jason Gerfen - 2003-12-11

      Ok, for some reason I am not able to get mcrypt to compile on a slackware 9.1 installation... I am getting an mhash error, and also errors in libmcrypt during compile defining the LD_LIBRARY_PATH even though the file is in the correct spot.

      Anyone else running into this problem?

      • Sander

        Sander - 2003-12-11

        Yes that problem sounds familiar to me, but can you send me your exact error, for instance the snippet of your error when it get generated.



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