Updated SVN trunk to V.2.7-prerelease

  • Kiyoshi Matsui

    Kiyoshi Matsui - 2007-08-27

    I have updated trunk of SVN repository to mcpp V.2.7-prerelease.  The
    updated features are as follows.

    1. Implemented -K option to enable macro notification mode.  This mode
        is designed for C/C++ refactoring tools and embeds macro annotations
        into comments.  This mode is also enabled by '#pragma MCPP debug
        macro_call' sub-directive.

    2. Implemented -k option to keep horizontal spaces and tabs as they are.
        The -K option implies -k.

    I will release mcpp V.2.7 about 4 or 5 weeks later.

    • Kiyoshi Matsui

      Kiyoshi Matsui - 2008-03-08

      I have committed SVN revision 90 into trunk.  This is a "release
      candidate" for V.2.7.

      At first, I intended to release V.2.7 in the last September or October.
      However, the release has been delayed and delayed for debugging of
      "macro notification mode" and other features, implementation of some
      other new features including porting to Mac OS X / Apple-GCC and porting
      to Visual C++ 2008, and updating the documents.

      Now, I think that V.2.7-prerelease has reached at stable state.  I will
      release mcpp V.2.7 in a week, unless some bug is found.

    • Kiyoshi Matsui

      Kiyoshi Matsui - 2008-03-10

      > Now, I think that V.2.7-prerelease has reached at stable state.

      Just after saying that, I have found a few problems, and committed SVN
      revision 91 and 92.  I hope that the current revision is really stable.

    • Kiyoshi Matsui

      Kiyoshi Matsui - 2008-03-24

      I committed SVN revision 95 with a few corrections of the sources and
      the documents, and finally released mcpp V.2.7 after long long delay.
      Thanks to several persons for your many bug-reports, patches and


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