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Switched from Subversion to Git

As the title suggests, we switched from Subversion to Git. The Web interface to our new repository along with the appropriate git clone command line can be found here:

The new repository contains copies of all SVN commits. One can identify them by their respective commit messages containing lines starting with git-svn-id. (This should be true for all commits on master up to and including 78d0cbf94b3943deda4151a49891a96f30b8b53e.) The actual conversion was done using The old SVN repository is still available for reference.

Posted by Ark 2016-07-02

New release: MComix 1.2.1

MComix 1.2.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release:

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to open a book with MComix directly if
    the path contains spaces (Windows only)

  • Updated libraries for the Windows distribution: UnRAR DLL

Posted by Ark 2016-02-12

New release: MComix 1.2

MComix 1.2 has been released. A lot of things have been changed to improve the overall user experience. The new version comes with better support for different archive and image formats, is probably faster and has fewer quirks. Various bugs that could lead to memory leaks or even crashes have been fixed as well.

Special thanks go to all the translators and all the users who reported bugs or sent us patches.... read more

Posted by Ark 2016-01-30

New MComix all-in-one bundle for Windows

A new version of the MComix all-in-one bundle for Windows, namely, has been released. It improves support for RAR archives and it also works around a Python issue that could prevent MComix from functioning at all. For more details, see You can download the new bundle here: read more

Posted by Ark 2015-04-16

ChangeLog - MComix 1.01

MComix, version 1.01, has been released. Almost all changes have been available in SVN for a long time, but I put off releasing them due to a slight hope that I could afford some more time to fix a few outstanding problems that have been bothering me. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and as it turns out, I have neither the time, nor the incentive or motivation to continue working on MComix (it does what I need it to do, put simply). Thus, I'm retiring from my current position today. I've added Ark to the administrator group in the hopes that this project doesn't simply die off. I want to take this opportunity to thank all users of MComix for using it, contributing to it, and leaving positive replies on it. Best wishes for the future.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2015-01-31

ChangeLog - MComix 1.00

This release has been in the making for a rather long time now - mainly in the hopes of catching the odd bug or weird behavior that turns up here and there (and due to laziness). Along with several translation updates, this version also brings a new feature that allows adding external commands to MComix' UI to start arbitrary applications. This allows you, for example, to open an animated GIF from within MComix with an application that actually supports animated GIFs.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2013-04-26

SVN repository URL changed

Due to the migration of the MComix project to Sourceforge's new Allura platform, the URL to access the SVN repository has changed. Old local copies likely will not work anymore, so anyone using the old URL is advised to check out a new copy from the following URL:


Posted by Oddegamra 2013-01-08

ChangeLog - MComix 0.99

This release adds a new page fit mode (images are scaled to a certain size), enables zoom for all modes and also fixes some annoying bugs.

The full changelog:

- Fixed "Go to page" dialog's thumbnail not scaling depending on dialog

- Using the mouse wheel to scroll left now correctly advances to the
next page in manga mode, instead of going back one page. Scrolling right
has also been fixed.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2012-07-14

All anonymous posting on tracker disabled

Dear anonymous contributors and bug reporters,

due to rising amounts of spam on the various trackers, I decided to disable anonymous posting on said trackers. This means that in the future, a SF account will be required to submit bug reports or feature requests. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Posted by Oddegamra 2012-06-25

ChangeLog - MComix 0.98

This release fixes some minor, but annoying bugs, adds a watchlist to the library, and greatly improves overall performance for viewing large directories of images. A list of all changes follows below.

- Fixed a bug that occasionally caused MComix to display wrong images
after deleting an image from a directory.

- Fixed a bug that caused MComix to jump back up after scrolling down when
an archive was still being loaded.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2012-04-09

ChangeLog - MComix 0.97.1

This release fixes a regression related to libunrar extraction introduced shortly before MComix 0.97 was released. Windows versions aren't affected.

- Corrected libunrar regression. (thanks to Giovanni Scafora for pointing
this out)

Posted by Oddegamra 2012-02-18

ChangeLog - MComix 0.97

MComix 0.97 has been releases. The following changes were made:

- Fixed segmentation fault on x64 platforms when trying to extract RAR
archives with libunrar.

- The lens now uses the original pixbuf when preparing the magnified image
instead of the already scaled pixbuf that is shown in MComix' display
area. In addition, fixed zero division error when trying to use the lens
on images with width greatly exceeding height.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2012-02-17

ChangeLog - MComix 0.96

Mainly fixes for bugs that have been reported over the past two months.

- Opening a RAR archive with 7z would destroy the archive, leaving only
a 0-byte file. This has been fixed.

- Fixed MComix opening files in other directories after scrolling past the
first page, even when "Automatically open next directory" was disabled.

- Fixed a bug that would hang MComix when trying to open a
password-protected RAR archive.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-12-24

ChangeLog - MComix 0.95

This release fixes two critical issues that slipped into the library code last release. Only large libraries were hit, so I hope that most people were not affected.

In addition to other changes, MComix now supports reading archives from within other archives, thanks to patches by David Pineau.

All changes:

- mcomix/ has been moved out of the mcomix package into
the root directory of the mcomix distribution.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-11-05

ChangeLog - MComix 0.94

This release mainly fixes two annoying bugs on Win32, and reorganizes the library window. A full list of changes is below.

- Fixed MComix opening archives in sibling directories
even when "Automatically open next archive" was disabled.

- Fixed recursively adding directories to the library not working
consistently on Win32.

- Fixed the first command line argument to MComix being ignored on Win32,
breaking "Open with..." functionality.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-09-27

ChangeLog - MComix 0.93

- Removing a book from the library while its thumbnail wasn't loaded yet
would result in a segmentation fault. This issue has been fixed.

- Fixed sorting in the bookmark edit dialog not working as expected. The
buttons "Sort ascending" and "Sort descending" have been removed, as
they did the same as clicking on the "Name" header of the bookmarks
table. Double-clicking a bookmark will open it.

- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to show toolbar/menu controls in
fullscreen mode if "Automatically hide all toolbars in fullscreen" was
enabled.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-08-27

ChangeLog - MComix 0.92

MComix 0.92 has been released. In addition to a few minor bug fixes, this version also includes limited archive password support, updated Japanese and French translations, as well as user interface improvements in several dialogs.

Full list of changes since version 0.91:

- Fixed a bug that made MComix save preview thumbnails to disk
even if this behaviour was disabled in the preferences window.

- Fixed a bug in the the archive editor that prevented it from actually
saving the modified archive on Win32.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-05-27

ChangeLog - MComix 0.91

MComix 0.91 has been released (was labeled 0.90.4 in SVN). This release fixes a bug that previously caused MComix to delete books in the library when "Remove from library" was selected, even though the confirmation dialog explicitly stated that the book would be kept on disk.

In addition, the following changes were made since version 0.90.3:

- Fixed excessive memory consumption due to cached pixmaps not being
properly evicted.... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-04-23

Looking for translators

The MComix project is looking for people willing to update various translation files that have been left in a stale state after the fork of MComix from Comix. As of now, about 150 strings per language need to be reviewed/updated for the new version, as some strings were changed/added with 0.90.3. If you can help, simply drop a line.

Note: The German translation has already been updated.

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-04-01

ChangeLog - MComix 0.90.3

The following changes have been made since the last release, 0.90.1:

- MComix now uses a slightly different directory structure than before.
The 'src' folder is now 'mcomix' to provide a correct package name.
'' is now '' to avoid confusing Python by
having a module with the same name as the package around.
Translations and images required by the GUI are now sub-packages of
'mcomix'. ... read more

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-03-13

Change Log - MComix 0.90.1

I removed the need to have poppler and cairo installed in order to run MComix. The poppler library will be required in the future but it is not necessary until PDF support is added to the program.

I also fixed a bug where I had left a line in the thumbnail side bar loading code that displayed the thumb bar no matter the current preferences after loading was finished.

Posted by Louis Casillas 2010-08-18

Change Log - Initial Release - v0.90

Below are listed the changes made when forking from Comix 4.0.5 (svn only) to releasing MComix 0.90:

- Changed the mechanism of page flipping.

- Added preferences to allow changing scrolling amount with arrow keys and mouse scroll button.

- Added auto scrolling functionality.

- Changed automatic background color selection algorithm to random sampling instead of
only edge sampling.

- Fixed non-recognition of pbm, pgm, and ppm images in archives.... read more

Posted by Louis Casillas 2010-08-09

Initial Release

MComix has been released. This is fork of the Comix project. Many upgrades have been made to the system and hopefully many more additions will be made. Stay tune!

Posted by Louis Casillas 2010-08-09

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