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ChangeLog - MComix 0.96

Mainly fixes for bugs that have been reported over the past two months.

- Opening a RAR archive with 7z would destroy the archive, leaving only
a 0-byte file. This has been fixed.

- Fixed MComix opening files in other directories after scrolling past the
first page, even when "Automatically open next directory" was disabled.

- Fixed a bug that would hang MComix when trying to open a
password-protected RAR archive.

- MComix no longer restores the last opened file when it was terminated

- Files opened outside of archives are now naturally sorted (e.g. 1.jpg,
2.jpg, 10.jpg instead of 1.jpg, 10.jpg, 2.jpg). Before, only images
within archives were naturally sorted.

- The preference option "Show only one page where appropriate" has been
split up to allow controlling whether certain pages should be displayed
as single page in double page mode (title pages/wide pages/none).

- "Delete" is now bound to "DEL" instead of "F8" for consistency with most
other desktop applications.

- Updated traditional Chinese translation (by Wayne Su).

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-12-24

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