ChangeLog - MComix 0.94

This release mainly fixes two annoying bugs on Win32, and reorganizes the library window. A full list of changes is below.

- Fixed MComix opening archives in sibling directories
even when "Automatically open next archive" was disabled.

- Fixed recursively adding directories to the library not working
consistently on Win32.

- Fixed the first command line argument to MComix being ignored on Win32,
breaking "Open with..." functionality.

- The library window has been slighly reorganized. All collection-related
functionality can now be accessed via the right-click popup on the
collection panel to the left. Similiarily, "Add books" is now on the
main book panel popup. Additionally, CTRL-SHIFT-A has been set as
shortcut for this action.

- Library covers will now be cached after being loaded. This will avoid
frequent reloading when switching between collections, or when filtering

- The magnifying lens can no longer become partially invisible when moving
around near window edges, and should no longer flicker.

- MComix automatically switching to next/previous directories can now
be controlled with a new preference option.

- Updated French translation. (by Frédéric Chateaux)

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-09-27

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