ChangeLog - MComix 0.92

MComix 0.92 has been released. In addition to a few minor bug fixes, this version also includes limited archive password support, updated Japanese and French translations, as well as user interface improvements in several dialogs.

Full list of changes since version 0.91:

- Fixed a bug that made MComix save preview thumbnails to disk
even if this behaviour was disabled in the preferences window.

- Fixed a bug in the the archive editor that prevented it from actually
saving the modified archive on Win32.

- Added limited support for password-protected ZIP and RAR archives.
For ZIP archives, Python >= 2.6 is required. For RAR archives,
only extraction with libunrar/unrar.dll is supported.

- Added a combobox to the library dialog to enable sorting of books
based on file name, full path, or file size.

- If a library collection has sub-collections, the books from these
sub-collections will be shown as well when the collection is opened.

- The "Bookmarks" menu can be accessed via the normal menu bar again.
"Clear bookmarks" has been removed in favour of using the "Edit
bookmarks" dialog.
(by Alan Horkan)

- Several usability improvements were done to the Enhance, Edit and
Library dialogs.
(by Alan Horkan)

- If applications for extracting RAR or 7Z archives aren't found on
start-up, MComix will no longer allow selecting the corresponding file
types in the "Open" dialog.
(suggested by Alan Horkan)

- The "Copy" menu item will now copy the current file name to the
clipboard, in addition to the currently opened page as bitmap.

- The currently opened file or archive can now be deleted using
File -> Delete, or by pressing F8.

- Added an option to use the first page of an archive as application
icon instead of the standard MComix icon. (inspired by Alexandr

- Added an option to manually change the user interface language
used by MComix. Changes to the language require an application
restart to take effect.

- Added the following new command line switches:
-m Manga mode
-s Slideshow
-d Double-page mode
-b, -w, -h Fit best/width/height, respectively.
(suggested by Anonymous on the Comix tracker, adapted by Alan Horkan)
-W[all|warn|error] Set log level (default is 'warn')

- The following preference items have been removed:
"Automated crash recovery": No longer necessary.
"Show page numbers": Enabled by default.
"Avoid unintentional page flips": Enabled by default.
"Stretch small images": Now in Menu->View->Stretch small images.
"Default zoom mode": Last setting is remembered instead.

- Updated Japanese translation. (by Keita Haga)

- Updated French translation. (by Joseph M. Sleiman)

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-05-27

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