#32 Ability to save individual page state


Specifically, I would like to be able to save the rotation state of a given page. I read in single page mode rotated 90 deg to fill my laptop screen. This makes text on double page spreads too small to read so I rotate them back to 0 deg. I'd like mcomix to remember which pages I've rotated for future readings. Exif metadata seems like a good place to store this but maybe it could be stored outside of the archive like the enhance image data. Saving the rotation state could be done transparently in this case, or set and stored through the Edit Archive tool if not.


  • Oddegamra

    Oddegamra - 2011-12-12

    I'm not particularly in favor of modifying EXIF data. For normal images, this would probably still be feasible, but as soon as archive files come into play, archives would have to be dynamically re-packed during viewing, which would probably turn out to be rather annoying. Besides, I kind of like to keep archives unmodified in order not to interfere with certain file sharing tools.

    Maybe this information could be stored in a separate database, away from the actual files?

  • dirtyepic @ gentoo

    • summary: Add a way to modify and save exif data --> Ability to save individual page state
  • dirtyepic @ gentoo

    Yep, I figured archives would complicate things. Good call on the file sharing angle, that would affect me too.

    So I guess what would be needed is a way to store metadata for individual pages, or page offset inside a archive.


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