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We are once again recruiting... if you have experience in C++ using OpenGL, or if you're an experienced 3d modeler, please email us at There is also a corresponding ad in the Help Wanted section on this.

Posted by Max Hodak 2004-02-17

Rendering System Doc

Today I released the Rendering system overview document in version 1, meant to be a general guide for developers on the project with advancing with with on the mSystem's rendering engine.

Posted by Max Hodak 2004-01-14

Progress Report

We're making progress... we've moved on from the loading routines and we're working on rendering systems now. So far we can get the system to display any valid .loc file. We still have between 1,000 and 3,000 fps with a large set of quads loaded. This should allow us plenty of expandability for the moment - we won't have to work on accelerators / optimizations until later, although we will no matter how well the system is performing (for more compatibility on different systems). Next we're going to work on more rendering-related things and we're going to start developers on the physics engine as soon as we have the resources for that.

Posted by Max Hodak 2004-01-05

*.loc loading DONE

We have finished the system used for loading our new *.loc (location file) format. Now we have begun work on the texture loading system. This is expected to take 1-4 days....

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-12-14

Progress continues....

We have been steadily working on the mSystem for a long time now, and finally we're getting to the rendering routines. With *.loc support nearly almost done (pending updates from castlec), I've begun to code the actual rendering routines, and make sure that only what is absolutely necessary is there....

As I have been saying for a little over a week now, we are on the verge of making a milestone release. Pre-Alpha 03 will really begin to demonstrate the engine's capabilities, now that we support 3d models, multitexturing, various forms of lighting, and now complex terrain.
Considering that we only started coding in late October, we're making very good time. We already have a complex 3d engine only 2 months into development. I'm going to keep saying that we're about to make a milestone file release - an I'm not lying, it's just that it might take a little while longer than I had thought. Keep checking back, and I'm sure we'll have something in a week or so.... read more

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-12-11

Support for *.loc format v2 almost done

We recently changed the location file format to a much more complicated, but much more versatile / powerful format. We published a document on this new format (how to parse it, its structure), and code is almost fully implemented on how to read from it. No word from robin yet about writing it though (MFC team is, er, should, be working on a tool for editing location files).

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-12-06

3ds file support complete

We have now finished 3ds file support for the moment. We can load and animate textured models. Next format to be supported will either be md3 or obj. Both will eventually supported. We are now adapting the system to work with a new, proprietary, file format for location ("world") files.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-12-03

New Site Online

Our new site, powered by TikiWiki CMS, is now online. After about 8 hours of downtime, we now have everything installed. Our design team (er, rather, person) is looking at available themes and the possibility of creating a new one for our site.

Our CMS is fully functional, with only a little administrative work left now. Leave questions in our FAQ open session and we'll try to answer them. Our Wiki is still under construction, but its structure, along with the rest of the site, should be done by Monday.... read more

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-11-27

Web Site / Services Downtime

This is a mirror of the post released on our main site:

Scheduled Downtime
11.24.03 // maxx

This is actually my second post for the day, and I just need to announce scheduled downtime for tomorrow, November 25th from about 3:30 or 4:00 for probably the rest of the day. We will be transferring our new Tiki powered site over to an active directory and referring the index to the new site. We will try to get our site back up as soon as we can, but it may very well last all night, and we may not have it online until as late as Wednesday afternoon.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-11-25

3ds file support

We are almost done with 3ds file support. This is a MAJOR milestone in the project, as now we can load complex, textured models into our program. We have all of the major code already implemented, and now we are simply working out the bugs. At the time of this posting, it compiles with about 14 errors. Soon, we should have a workable version of the location file editor done. Once 3ds support is fully done, and we have the MFC location file editor, you can expect to see a substansial release with an actual, roamable environment, instead of just the empty plane we've been working with thus far.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-11-24

Developers Needed!!!

Progress has slowed! I had been unable to work on the code recently, and apparently, my other devs pretty much ceased work too! I am now working on the project daily again, but, we are now seeking more / new coders!! If you have experience in OpenGL / C++, and would be able to actually *contribute*, please contact us at

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-11-21

mSystem Tools under Developement

We now have begun development on our first MFC tool. This one will be used for editing placements, generating "location files" and texturing the on-the-fly quads. We currently only have one MFC dev, Robin, and we are seeking more to work with him.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-11-14

New Site

We have a new site in the works (PostNuke), and it will hopefully be up very soon... in the meantime, we've been hard at work on the actual system, you can expect a changelog in the next release to include physics implementation 1, strafing, system completely configurable externally, exponentially expanded area, with more than 1 sector, lighmapping, hopefully bump mapping, custom textures now, 3ds model support, and more

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-10-30

Devs needed!

We are looking for devs skilled in C++ to work on our 3d engine... very interesting project... engine is based in openGL... please email us if you're interested!!

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-10-26

pre-alpha release 2

HUGE improvement over first release, since its functional in a more serious way now.

See our changelog (available by clicking on the release in the file releases section) for more details on updates. In short - navigateable area, jpeg textures (we did NOT make the textures, but we cant give credit because we're not sure who did). 1st person camera and lighting... more to come soon, such as multiple sectors, support for 3ds and vue objects, and advanced lighting.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-10-22

Pre-Alpha a1.0002

Not much to see, and the source is already out of date, but I put it up anyway, just to signal a milestone I guess. We're using the code in this release as the very basics of our engine, unless of course we decide to go with Glide or DX, in which case I'll have to re-write it all AGAIN. Oh well, at least we're coding now.

All new additions to code, like this release, won't be released (since it isnt really much to release, but will commited to CVS... check back for new releases later.... read more

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-10-15

Dev Stage 1

Development Stage 1 has officially started, and recruiting is under way - we are seeking several devs to join the team - we need people with skills in C++ and Asm... see our site for more info.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-09-16

Site Online

Our website (v.1) is now online... the content will not be complete until probably this wednesday or thursday. Various documents, etc, are available from the site that don't warrant a "release" in the file system.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-09-08

mCode takes a new direction

The mCode project only keeping the UNIX name "mCode".... but the rest of the project is changing direction and coming back to life. After a two-month hiatus, we're back and ready to get started again. Actually, work hadn't halted, we just weren't updating the site. We are almost done with planning now, and are almost ready to start recruiting developers. Now all thats left is to write the NDA....

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-08-01

Documents Online!

Ok, so there are now two documents online associated with the project mCode, one by myself -the promised technological implementation paper, and another by dmagick, another project manager. Unfortunatly, the formatting on them is all messed up, so I will go through them adding breaks and indents etc, in HTML at some point to get that straightened out, but until then, if you want to go view their unformatted messes, go head to go on over to the documents section.

Posted by Max Hodak 2003-06-14

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