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Mcntp-1.2 released

The MCNTP team is proud to release version 1.2
of mcntp. This release contains lots of bugfixes and enhancments since the last release, 1.0.1

The release is available from

The mcntp homepage is at

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-12-12

New Developer 'dorchain'

The mcntp project welcomes Jrg Dorchain as new developer. Jrg will contribute in the move to use OpenSSL and other areas such as e.g. StorageAPI.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-12-10

Mcntp-1.2 preview 3 released

The mcntp team is proud to announce the third preview of the upcoming mcntp-1.2 release. It adds some minor changes and fixes a couple of minor bugs. The documentation has also been updated.

The preview is available from

The mcntp homepage is at

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-11-19

Mcntp-1.2 preview 2 released

The Mcntp team is proud to release the second preview release of the upcoming 1.2 version. This
preview fixes the build process on various platforms
and also supports Mac OS X and AIX 4.3.3.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-10-19

Corrected Version avail.

The 1.2 preview of mcntp was not always decompressible with gnuzip. The "p1" version
fixes this.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-10-08

Mcntp-1.2 preview 1 released

The mcntp team is pleased to release the first preview of the upcoming 1.2 release.
Thanks to Ken Revisto, autoconf support is running well and the old make system has been dropped.

Also the configuration of the tools has been moved from compile to run time.

Try this one out an report any errors that you find please.

Documentation still needs some updates.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-09-28

New developer

The mcntp project welcomes Ken Restivo as new
developer. He is working on bringing MCNTP to autoconf/automake, which will ease the installation and make MCNTP more flexible.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-08-22

Mcntp-1.0.1 released

This version is just a polish-up of the
original version, but with better build
support for Linux.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-08-10

MCNTP 1.0 on SourceForge

MCNTP, Multicast NetNews Transport Protocol has found its way onto sourceforge. The Version on SourceForge is the production-ready 1.0 release.
For more info see

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2001-07-30

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