rjags Log

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[0f7a81] by martyn

Added license headers from release branch

2013-10-16 08:04:20 Tree
[0f08c4] by martyn

Added licence and copyright headers to R and C++ source files.

2013-09-16 15:30:05 Tree
[9e9fb5] by martyn

Updated configure options (and documentation) when JAGS is in a non-standard location.

2013-06-13 16:54:41 Tree
[85cf30] by martyn

Use jags namespace when calling jags library functions.

2013-02-09 19:34:44 Tree
[6f9420] by martyn

Fail gracefully with a warning if we cannot set a monitor.

2012-11-29 10:35:09 Tree
[858cf4] by martyn

Added parallel.seeds function

2011-09-03 15:03:40 Tree
[7f5774] by martyn

Update for new adaptation rules
Reset file permissions

2011-06-11 21:59:23 Tree
[14d384] by martyn

Suppress information messages in jags.model when quiet=TRUE

2011-05-10 14:06:17 Tree
[f33e46] by martyn

Stop overwriting missing values in supplied data
Correctly unwind all monitors when one fails.

2011-04-29 14:17:41 Tree
[b42451] by martyn

Add startup messages showing which version of JAGS we are linking to

2011-04-15 13:53:08 Tree
[e6b583] by martyn

Added --enable-rpath option as requested by Doug Bates.

2011-04-13 10:54:23 Tree
[b52118] by martyn

Update for 3.0.0

2011-04-10 15:31:02 Tree
[6e6728] by martyn_plummer

Bump to version 2.2.0

2010-11-06 16:19:56 Tree
[fda875] by martyn_plummer

- Tidied up R interface code in jags.cc after finding one memory
error in get_factories.
- Added the LINE example from BUGS and used this in various examples
in the help pages.

2010-09-22 12:29:08 Tree
[c629bb] by martyn_plummer

Bug fixes for 2.1.0-8 and 2.1.0-9.

2010-09-20 08:51:39 Tree
[507aa8] by martyn_plummer

Bump version number after modifying linking to JAGS DLL on Windows,
as suggested by Brian.

2010-07-29 10:12:20 Tree
[d2cbeb] by martyn_plummer

Link directly to DLL on Windows instead of using import library.
This allows portability across different, binary incompatible, versions of

2010-07-29 10:08:50 Tree
[75b317] by martyn_plummer

Allow safe unloading and reloading of namespace

2010-05-21 16:34:48 Tree
[0baf7d] by martyn_plummer

Update Windows configuration.
Bump release number to 2.1.0-3

2010-05-17 14:23:43 Tree
[fd65e9] by martyn_plummer

Use installed version of JAGS for headers and import library

2010-05-11 19:03:00 Tree
[cf9a8a] by martyn_plummer

Update for release

2010-04-22 12:42:59 Tree
[b2affd] by martyn_plummer

updated with new features

2010-04-14 15:03:39 Tree
[59fc30] by martyn_plummer

Fix isModuleLoaded function.

2010-04-13 22:37:31 Tree
[d97177] by martyn_plummer

Get dic.samples working with the new format.

2010-02-28 09:28:59 Tree
[49aeb2] by martyn_plummer

Further changes to get DIC statistics working

2010-02-27 14:30:15 Tree
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