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Read Me

The rjags package is an interface to the JAGS library.  In order to
build a binary package, or install from source, you must have a matching
installation of the JAGS library.


At compile time, there is no way for windows to guess where the JAGS
library is installed, so you must supply the location yourself using
the variable JAGS_ROOT.

You can specify JAGS_ROOT as an environment variable, e.g.  on 32-bit

set JAGS_ROOT=c:\Program Files\JAGS\JAGS-2.2.0

or, for 64-bit windows

set JAGS_ROOT=c:\Program Files\JAGS\JAGS-2.2.0-x64
set JAGS_ROOT=c:\Program Files (x86)\JAGS\JAGS-2.2.0

In R >= 2.12.0 you will be able to set JAGS_ROOT as a (platform-
specific) make variable in etc${R_ARCH}/


The configure script will try to guess the location of the JAGS
library installation. It will look in /<prefix>/<lib>, where

- <prefix> is the determined from the location of the jags
  script that launches the command line interface.

  For example, if this is "/usr/local/bin/jags", then prefix will
  be "/usr/local"

- <lib> is derived from the value of "LIBnn", returned by 
  "R CMD config LIBnn".

  This is particularly important on 64-bit unix, where R is 
  installed by default in /usr/local/lib64 and LIBnn is "lib64"

The configure script will also look for JAGS headers in

If the configure script fails to find the JAGS headers or library,
you can set the environment variables JAGS_INCLUDE and JAGS_LIB
to point to the correct directory.

Alternatively, you can use the configure options

                    (default /usr/local/include/JAGS)

                (default /usr/local/[lib|lib64])

These options are onto the rjags configure script with:
"R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--with-jags...'

Exceptionally, you may need to set the location of the JAGS modules.
But this will only be necessary if you reset moddir when installing
JAGS. This can be done by setting the environment variabel JAGS_MODULES
or by using the configure option

                    (default /usr/local/[lib|lib64]/JAGS/modules-w.y.z)
                     where w.y.z is the version number of JAGS