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rjags Log

Commit Date  
[7ca409] by martyn

Avoid copying model file when given a file name.

2013-09-03 14:51:18 Tree
[dacb18] by martyn

Clarify dependency on tcltk package

2013-09-03 14:50:09 Tree
[c6d5fb] by martyn

Branch merge from release-3_patched

2013-06-14 12:21:33 Tree
[599ce0] by martyn

Added patch from Alexey Stukalov to improve error messages for initial values

2013-06-14 11:56:01 Tree
[8b500d] by martyn

Further changes to configure script and documentation.

2013-06-14 09:52:19 Tree
[9e9fb5] by martyn

Updated configure options (and documentation) when JAGS is in a non-standard location.

2013-06-13 16:54:41 Tree
[85cf30] by martyn

Use jags namespace when calling jags library functions.

2013-02-09 19:34:44 Tree
[3883ab] by martyn

Update .onLoad and .onAttach to conform to good practice for user messages.

2013-02-04 19:24:16 Tree
[d7e82f] by martyn

Merge changes from release branch

2013-02-04 15:48:03 Tree
[beeb10] by martyn

Fix last update: allow empty list as data

2013-02-04 15:43:24 Tree
[9885fe] by martyn

Allow empty or NULL data in jags.model
Improve rollback of dic.samples in case of error

2013-02-04 14:45:08 Tree
[6f9420] by martyn

Fail gracefully with a warning if we cannot set a monitor.

2012-11-29 10:35:09 Tree
[98940e] by martyn

Updated to link to jags 4.x library and modules

2012-11-07 09:53:10 Tree
[5052b4] by martyn

Patch branch for rjags 3

2012-11-07 08:42:00 Tree
[10d064] by martyn

Unlink model file after use
Use updated author description

2012-11-07 08:40:56 Tree
[d8c018] by martyn

Updated documentation for list.samplers()

2012-05-15 13:18:06 Tree
[9d0cdd] by martyn

Branch merge

2012-02-18 16:30:14 Tree
[c92ac8] by martyn

Ignore .RNG.* when testing for unused inits.

2012-02-18 16:29:57 Tree
[be77e8] by martyn

Fixed some formatting bugs in the manual.

2011-10-24 15:52:39 Tree
[5e69f8] by martyn

Allow data frames to be provided as data if all columns are numeric.

2011-10-24 10:22:42 Tree
[70b905] by martyn

Ensure that we look for the latest version of JAGS library on Windows

2011-10-06 12:45:06 Tree
[37a2f9] by martyn

Add warnings about unused initial values

2012-02-12 16:25:55 Tree
[858cf4] by martyn

Added parallel.seeds function

2011-09-03 15:03:40 Tree
[87be2a] by martyn

- Default behaviour of adapt is end.adaptation = FALSE
- Fixed documentation for adapt
- Removed unnecessary -rpath linker flag in for jags_version

2011-07-24 22:05:24 Tree
[404779] by martyn

Modify adapt function to allow option of turning off adaptive mode.

2011-07-24 16:58:21 Tree
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